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MASTER Facebook® Ads

Hey ladyboss!

You already know that FB Ads are CRUCIAL to attracting your ideal audience and bringing a steady stream of clients into your biz. You’re aware that by using ads in a smart and strategic way, you can automate your lead generation system, freeing up your time to focus on the parts of your biz that you love most – like serving your AMAZING clients, creating sparkling new content, and generally changing the world in a massively positive way!

And you know that for FB Ads to Work FOR You (instead of draining your energy AND your bank account), there are several KEY strategies that you MUST learn!

You know this instinctively.

Because you’ve been trying to understand FB ads without any outside help.

Maybe FB flagged your account and stopped your ad from running because you said the “wrong” thing. Maybe your cost per conversion is through the roof and you have NO idea how to lower it. Or maybe you aren’t even able to track your costs because you can’t figure out that darn pixel installation! It can all feel overwhelming, frustrating, and totally tiresome. And you’ve got so much other fun stuff you’d rather be focusing on in your biz!

So imagine this instead

You’ve got a trusted guide to help you navigate the twisting turns of Facebook® Ad-land!

You have a library of step-by-step tutorials on EVERYTHING you need to know to run successful ads: from setting up your pixel, to correctly targeting your audience, to writing copy that’s 100% FB-approved, to choosing the perfect ad images, to reviewing your ad performance stats (so you can adjust as necessary).

Plus you’ve got direct, personal access to a TOP FB ads strategist so you can ask your specific questions and get immediate feedback on how you can improve your ads!

Learning how to run successful Facebook® Ads can take you from wanting to throw in the towel on your biz to raking in the rewards (in the form of AMAZING clients and a fully-booked schedule).

I know, because it’s my story.

Hey! I’m Rachel McMichael, and most people call me The Techspert™.

I’m not new to the online biz world, but I’ve had my fair share of struggles since I got SERIOUS about growing my business. I knew I had incredible services to offer to clients, but I had trouble figuring out WHERE these clients were! I mean, until I found them and got the chance to TELL them about my services, there was no way I could HELP them! I was expending so much time and energy just SEARCHING for my next potential client or customer that my biz felt like it was moving backwards.

So it became critically important to me to find a way to attract my ideal clients on auto-pilot.


FB Ads

When I began running ads, EVERYTHING changed in my business. I went from making a few thousand dollars (nice bonus cash but not life-altering) to bringing in multi-five-figures EVERY SINGLE MONTH (and having the opportunity to give back more than ever before)!

With FB Ads, I’m able to reach the exact clients who need my services MOST and then help THEM take their own businesses to a whole new level! I work with the most inspiring, energetic, world-changing female entrepreneurs, and I honestly wouldn’t have met most of these incredible women without harnessing the power of FB Ads!

You may be thinking that you don’t have the smarts, skills, time, or budget to figure out FB Ads.

I totally get it! I’m super-techy (like, totally OBSESSED with tech), and even I found FB ads challenging at first. That’s EXACTLY why I’ve created a program for you that lays everything out, step by step, in a clear and simple format that you’ll be able to follow to the letter. I’ve created a system that works:
it’s the SAME process that my FB Ads agency uses with our high-end clients who are consistently hitting their multi-five and multi-six-figure financial goals! Sounds amazing, right??!!


FB Ads Academy LIVE!

My Signature 6-Week LIVE Group Program to Take Your FB Ads to a Whole New Level!

I’m SO excited to open the doors to my BRAND NEW Signature Course!
If you’ve been struggling to set up successful FB ads, relief is in sight! I’ve packaged everything I know about FB ads into this step-by-step, week-by-week live group program to get your ads ON TRACK and your biz growing today!

You may be thinking you don’t have enough to invest in this program



Maybe you think you don’t have enough TIME?

I’ve got you covered! A new lesson is dripped out each week, so you’ll receive all these strategies in bite-size portions that are easy to implement.



Are you afraid you don’t have enough WILLPOWER to stay on track with the course?

No worries! You’ll be placed in a group with all the other FB Ads Academy LIVE Founding Members so you’ll have built-in accountability partners! PLUS you’ll have a weekly group call with ME so you can ask any specific questions you have about that week’s content!



Are you worried that you don’t have enough MONEY to join the program?

Kick that fear to the curb, lovely! Because as a FOUNDING MEMBER of the FB Ads Academy LIVE program, you’re getting a super-special rate! I’m NEVER running this program at this price point again, so this is the ABSOLUTE BEST time to join! *There’s even an early-bird extended payment plan!*

You HAVE enough and you ARE Enough to become a FB Ads Academy LIVE Founding Member!



FB Ads Academy LIVE
is YOUR Opportunity to sky-rocket your biz success!

Check out the results my clients have gotten from working with me on their Facebook® Ads

I grew my list by 250 members in just a few days

“I am the first to admit that Tech is not my forte! After spending far too many hours trying to figure out why my Facebook® Ads weren’t giving me what I expected, I turned to Rachel. I sent her screenshots of the ‘behind the scenes’ analytics and she spent the time to go over what I needed to do and broke it down into simple steps for me to follow. After a few days of implementing Rachel’s steps, my email list increased from 6 to over 250 – literally in a few days. I now have a list of engaged people that I email and broadcast to. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs guidance on systems and all things Tech!”

– Dee Reid, Career Success Coach

She helped me save $100’s on mistakes

“When I first started working on my marketing campaign on Facebook® with Rachel, I was clueless. On our first consultation, I knew that Rachel knew her stuff. She helped me tweak a few things with my campaign and opt in and suddenly my advert was doing well! She’s engaging, informative and fun, and she takes the headache out the techy stuff!! On our second consultation, she further helped me extend and expand my campaigns and now I’ve found the perfect audiences and my list is growing! I will never hesitate to hire Rachel for any of my ‘tech’ stuff as this is a blonde bombshell that knows her stuff and helped me save $100’s on mistakes. If you are looking for a techspert then she is your girl!!”

– Noor Hibbert, Business and Life Coach for Mumpreneurs

My ads are converting into paying clients

“Working with Rachel has been a dream, she spent time really understanding my needs and setting milestones. Rachel really knows her stuff and makes “tech” seem less scary and more accessible. I now understand Facebook® advertising and have got adverts that convert into paying clients. Rachel is positive, energetic and brilliant to work with. She has really helped me move to the next level of my business and I would recommend her to anyone wanting tech support and to upscale what they are doing. Thank you Rachel, I have now started 2017 on a high and it is all down to you.”

– Ruth Kudzi, Personal Development Coach

Wouldn’t you Love to achieve the same success these women have?

This type of success is totally possible for you.

Facebook® ads can grow your online business more quickly than any other method I know, and you totally deserve to experience the dramatic biz growth that results from running FB Ads in a smart and strategic way!

Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Founding Member of
FB Ads Academy LIVE!

1. SIX Modules (One Each Week)

to walk you through EACH step for running a successful ads campaign and bringing a steady stream of ideal clients straight into your biz!

2. SIX Weekly Group Calls

where you’ll have the opportunity to ask me ANY and ALL of your burning biz questions surrounding setting up, running, and tracking your FB ads!

3. Guest Experts

on everything from targeting, to design, to copywriting – so you won’t lack a single piece of information that you need to put together a wildly successful ad campaign!

4. Weekly Office Hours

just in case you have another question after our group call, I’m opening up the group for an additional hour EACH WEEK to answer your personal questions about all things ads!

5. Lifetime Access

to this content so you’ll always be able to refer back to this momentum-building material!

6. Video Tutorials

to walk you through pertinent parts of the ad set-up process (including pixel installation and targeting)!

7. Targeting Questionnaire

I’m giving you access to the EXACT questionnaire that my high-level private FB ads clients receive so you can pick the PERFECT audience for your ads.

8. Profitability Estimator

Many of you know that I’m a former CPA, and while I can’t give you professional accounting advice in this course, I CAN share my love of numbers (especially the BIG ones) with you! As a Founding Member of FB Ads Academy LIVE, you’ll have access to my profitability estimator, so you’ll know whether your ad will pay dividends BEFORE you even run it!

And because I’ve just LOVE giving you Extra Value . . .

You’ll receive these brilliant BONUSES as a Founding Member of FB Ads Academy LIVE!

Early Bird Bonuses
(available through July 13):


$500 savings off the full price of the program

(that means you’re a Founding Member for $497 instead of $997! How will that extra money come in handy for building your biz? Hmmmm…… maybe you can use it to run some FB Ads?! Just a thought 🙂 )


Super Swipe Files

Wanna see how a multi-fix-figure biz owner (that’s ME!) sets up a landing page, thank you page, tripwire, and ad? You’re getting exclusive access to my swipe files when you join early!


Extended Payment Plan Option

break your payment up into simple installments when you join early!


Checklist Bundle

as an early-bird, you’ll also receive my landing page, opt-in and FB Ads checklists; these tools ALONE are worth hundreds of dollars, but I’m GIVING them to you because when you combine them with FB Ads Academy LIVE, your ads will be UNSTOPPABLE!


Power Session with FB Ads Expert

The first 5 women to join will get a SUPER SPECIAL 30-minute laser coaching call with a FB Ads Expert! My team and I LIVE for these calls, and we can’t wait to help you maximize your ROI on ads by answering your questions 1:1!

Prefer to Join Right on Time?

That’s totally fine! (I’m punctual, too!) You’ll STILL receive this bonus bundle, available through July 20:


$500 savings off the full price of the program

Founding Membership for just $497? Yes, please!


Payment Plan Option

Pay off this investment in super-easy installments!


Checklist Bundle

With all the info you need to run highly-converting landing pages and ads!


Super Swipe Files

Oh, ya know, I’m giving you the skinny on landing pages, thank you pages, tripwires, and ads with my super-secret swipe file!

Fashionably Late

Ladyboss, I got ya! You STILL get these bonuses when you register by July 23:


$500 savings off the full price of the program

Claim your Founding Membership for only $497


Payment Plan Option

Pay off this investment in super-easy installments!


Checklist Bundle

Grab my short-list of tips on how to run the BEST landing pages and ads!

Become A Founding Member of FB Ads Academy LIVE for just $497!

Want to go Behind the Red Rope (I thought so!)?

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Join as a Founding VIP Member of FB Ads Academy LIVE:

We all know that VIPs get special attention everywhere they go,
and my program is NO exception!

When you invest in FB Ads Academy LIVE at the VIP level, you’ll receive ALL of the program elements detailed above

PLUS these additional VIP mega-perks:

Done-for-You Opt-In PDF Design

Your opt-in is your gateway to your ideal client’s attention. It needs to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and my team will make it so! When you join as a VIP, we’ll design your opt-in FOR you according to the industry’s most eye-catching, cash-converting standards!

Done-for-You Landing Page and Thank-You Page Set-up in Leadpages

I adore tech! But I totally get that most people don’t. Take the tech-ache off your plate by letting my team and me set up your landing and thank-you pages FOR you! You’ve got to get these going to maximize your FB ads, and when you’re a VIP, we’ve got you covered.

Done-for-You Integration of Your Email Server to the Landing Pages

No matter what email provider you use, MY team will hook you up with seamless integration when you join FB Ads Academy LIVE as a VIP!

Done-for-You FB Pixel Setup

Stop struggling through this tedious process, and let us set up your pixel FOR you! You’ll never have to worry about losing track of your stats again!

One-on-one Strategy Session with a FB Ads Strategist

My FB Ads Strategist-of-Choice will give each of my VIPs a private session to help you power up your ads!

Join FB Ads Academy LIVE as a Founding VIP Member for just $1,997!

Here’s the Scoop

(and it’s even more delicious than ice cream!)


In our SIX weeks together
Here’s what we’ll cover in FB Ads Academy LIVE:

Module One

Create A COMPELLING Offer that Your Audience is BEGGING For!

For successful ads, you’ve got to give the people what they want! I’ll teach you how to determine and offer the EXACT thing that’ll have your ideal clients opting in without hesitation!

Module two

Prepare and Set-up the PERFECT Landing and Thank-You Pages!

There’s a formula for this, and I’m sharing it with you in our second week together!

Module three

Find and Target your IDEAL Clients!

Once you know who you’re LIVING to serve, you’ve got to figure out how to REACH those people! This week will show you how to hunt them down (in a totally non-creepy, non-stalker way) and show them that you’ve got THE program (or product, or service) that’s going to enhance and enrich their lives!

Module four

Create Copy and Images that CONVERT!

Your ads are basically made up of three major elements: copy, graphics, and targeting. We cover targeting in week three, so week four is all about nailing your messaging through words and visuals so your ad pops! I’m also including a bonus training on Facebook® Pixels this week!

Module Five

Setting Up Your Ads (the RIGHT way)!

It’s GO time, gorgeous! This week is all about setting up and running your ads. You NEED this info to ensure that you’re making the most of every dollar and cent you throw at Facebook® (so that money comes back to you MULTIPLIED).

Module SIX

Troubleshooting (aka What to Do When Your Ads Aren’t Working)!

Okay, here’s the deal. There’s a learning curve with EVERYTHING, and the FB Ads one can be pretty steep! But when you’re a FB Ads Academy LIVE Founding Member, that’s not a problem! I’ll walk you through the precise steps you need to take IF your ad isn’t converting as well as you’d hoped. You’ll learn how to right the sales ship and get the clients flowing again!

Become A Founding Member of FB Ads Academy LIVE for just $497!

What Other Say About Rachel

When you join FB Ads Academy LIVE as a Founding Member, you could be feeling like these ladies in just a few short weeks:

I wasted so much money before working with Rachel

“If you’re beating your head against the wall and draining your bank account with little return on Facebook® ads, STOP the madness and work with Rachel. I don’t want to know how much money I wasted prior to working with her, but now I know, every penny I spend counts. But Rachel isn’t just smart and efficient. She has a contagious joy for watching others succeed, which is rare. She won’t just be excited to get your business; she’ll be excited about your mission.”

-Michelle Myers, Founder of She Works His Way and Cross Training Couture

Rachel knows her stuff!

“Before I met Rachel, I’d try and figure out tech stuff myself and it was such an uncomfortable feeling. In fact, I’d hate every moment of it. I knew it was not my area of expertise, but I had no idea that there could actually be someone out there that would enjoy doing this stuff and have such an incredible personality too. Then I found Rachel! OMG, what an incredible woman! I wish I had found her sooner. I came to Rachel with a very basic knowledge of Facebook® Ads, Funnels and CRM and she listened to my frustrations and then walked me through the whole process. It was like magic! Rachel knows her stuff and explains in the most plain talking and fun way possible. She loves tech, and after speaking with Rachel, I was even more excited about tech too. There’s no need to suffer in silence and try and figure it out alone. Rachel is your go to for tech stuff! It’s her zone of genius and she loves it! I cannot recommend Rachel enough!”

– Tilean Clarke, SOUL Success Coach

Stop the Struggle!


Become a member!

Click on each icon below to learn more!

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Plus Receive these Super Bonuses:

When you join by July 13

$500 savings off the regular program price
Extended Payment Plan option
Checklists Bundle
Swipe Files (Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Tripwires, and Ads)
30-minute Laser Coaching Call with a FB Ads Expert

When you join by July 20

$500 savings off the regular program price

Payment Plan option

Checklists Bundle

Swipe Files (Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Tripwires, and Ads)

When you join by July 23

$500 savings off the regular program price

Payment Plan option

Checklists Bundle

FB Ads Meant the Difference

Between An Expensive Hobby and A Life-Changing BUSINESS For Me!

Invest in your Business!

If you’re still funding your “business” with your savings and waiting on the day that those ideal clients will just “find you,” it’s time for a little tough love. You’ve got to INVEST in your business for others to be willing to invest with you.

Running ads may *feel* like a stretch to you right now, but in business, we often have to ignore our fears and follow our intuition. If your gut is telling you that you’d be smart to get in front of the world’s BIGGEST audience of your DREAM clients, each and every day, through a system that you set up ONCE that continues to work for you OVER and OVER again, then FB ads are right for you!

And my course is a sure-fire way to get the step-by-step guidance and personal attention you’ll need to make your ads a raving success!

It’s time to Decide

Do you want to keep running ads through trial and error, wasting tons of time and money?

(Hint: That sounds totally lame!)


Do you want to join me and a group of high-powered biz owners who are DEDICATED to making their FB ads marketing WORK?!

(Hint: This sounds amazingly awesome!)

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